Standalone works but packaged build has fatal startup error

I can’t seem to figure out why my packaged build does not run. Immediately on startup an error box appears saying “fatal error” with no other information. I’ve tried fresh builds with both development and shipping configurations, both with the same result.


In order to better assist you, we’re going to need some output logs. Please upload them as a .txt file.

Thank you!

What output logs would you be talking about? As I mentioned it simply crashes with “fatal error” and no other messages or logs.

There is one text file in the packaged folder but it is created when packaged, not after runtime.

[link text][2]

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You can find the log for packaged game here: WindowsNoEditor/ProjectName/Saved/Logs

I’ve run into an error like this once before and it was caused by some random broken cached blueprints or something of the sort. Removing the intermediate and saved folders to refresh the project fixed it from memory.

When I package the project I can see it referring to assets that have since been renamed or deleted, and I did delete all the folders except source, content, and config, and rebuilt from there, but I’ll try again.

Regarding the logs, are they in a different folder than the packaged project folder? because after running the project there are no other folders or temp files being created, under WindowsNoEditor/(my project) there are only Binaries and Content folders. Are they stored locally but in a different directory than the packaged project?

The logs should reside in the Saved > Logs folder. Also, if you’re noticing that the naming conventions haven’t changed, you might want to delete your Intermediate and Saved folder (after you’ve gotten the logs out) to see if that helps any.

  1. I delete all folders except for Source, Content, and Config
  2. I right-click my project and click Generate Visual Studio Project Files
  3. I open the project, it tries to build but fails due to a missing file /Build/Windows/Application.ico so I create that directory and get that file from a different project. Project now builds and opens
  4. I set up the packaging settings (Shipping, Full Rebuild, Use Pak, Include Pre-Requisites)
  5. Packaging completes successfully, but still gives warnings that it is looking for files I have deleted (LogLinker: Can’t find file ‘/Game/VladOcsModels/Updated/new/first-sword-with-controls-1_1_Latest’) a file and directory that does not exist
  6. Packaged game crashes at runtime with “fatal error message”, there is no Saved Folder in the packaged folder but the Log from the project folder is 7.5 MB and can be found [here][1]

The crash occurs when built in both development mode and shipping mode

The output also gives me warnings that don’t show up in the editor (Warning: [Compiler AITASK_Worm_BurrowBasedOnDistance] Warning ‘Enemy Worm’ does not inherit from ‘Enemy BP’ ( K2Node_DynamicCast_775 would always fail).) when Enemy_Worm DOES inherit from Enemy_BP

Okay after the rebuild in Development mode it has now created a log in the packaged folder (but doesn’t create such a log when built for shipping which is why I was confused before). My log for the packaged version is attached here

I actually had it working yesterday that’s why I had the slow response, but apparently I broke it since then. One of the things I did was change the startup map so I’m going to try a few more things. I’m also going to build with the crash log included as hopefully that will give me more inf

[link text][1]

116425-bookofevilproj1_packaged_log.log (22.5 KB)

I ended up solving the problem. My MainMenu map was causing the crash. When I exported only my testlevel and set that to the startup-level, I was able to run it.

I created a simple empty level and tried that with my menu and it worked, clearly something in my test level was causing the crash.

Basically if you encounter a problem such as this try to slowly cut out everything that could be causing the problem. Start with an empty level only, then try one of your levels, if the empty one works but not your level then it’s something in the level causing the issue.

If someone can still comment on the weird warnings I’m getting it’d be appreciated.

I have same problem. Level causing a problem but I don’t know why.

Any gaps in the logic? That was my case. I had a reference from the main level to the level that was used for the streaming.

After I re-designed the widgets and loading screens and rebuilt the levels’ sequence, I also cleared this level. But didn’t delete it from the main level blueprint as a reference…

I found that the problem was causing two Directional Light in the same level. Removing it solved the problem but it took me to find out some time.

Ok, I had this problem too, it is easier to solve than it seems. Well, my project had a problem at first because I created it inside Google Drive, because it was a very long path, I should have been aware that I would find errors in the future, and in this case, it gave the fatal error. What I did was the following, quite simple in fact, I created another project from 0 on the desktop, I went to the original project and renamed the name of the level, then I migrated it. So in the game, in the maps and modes I assign my new level. I did the packaging and it worked just fine, I just had a slight rework to link the meshes in the variant plugin, but it was pretty quick.

Hello there. :slight_smile:

The last time I had this problem it was associated with the Niagara system and access to CPU render in the static meshes. I set up my emitters to spawn particles from the meshes and this option is only available for the CPU - at least around 2 years ago that was the case.

But I forgot to allow the CPU to access the options of the static meshes. That was the reason for those fatal errors.