Standalone Tools Built With UBT

Hola amigos!
I’m trying to make some standalone tools that we can use on our team that don’t require the user to download or launch the editor, and I’m having some difficulty being able to build them with UBT so I can have the same access to game/engine code that I’d have inside the editor. Something similar to the Unreal Frontend is what I had in mind, but much simpler in scope.

I’ve pretty much copied the BlankProgram from the UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Programs\ and put it in my [MyProject]\Source\Programs\ folder, and I think there’s some issue making it impossible for the target.cs file to be found or something. Anytime I try to generate project files I get errors that it can’t locate the rules for my new tool project. I’m starting to run out of ideas other than creating my own non-UBT project and just trying to hack around unreal macros and such for the game code I want to use, but that’s considerably less elegant and more error prone.

Has anybody tried this before with any success? If not, does anybody have any better ideas for how to get a standalone tool/app that doesn’t require launching the editor?