Standalone play screws-up my camera afterward


I have a very simple scene where I control the camera inside a blueprint class.

It works well in simulation mode.

If I play it in standalone mode, it also works, but after that it does not work anymore in simulation mode :frowning:

I’ve been struggling with that for several days and I am stuck :frowning:

Would anyone have an idea ?

Is that a bug ?



Here is my blueprint script.

As I said, it works fine until I play it in “Standalone” mode.

Then after that, if I play it under “simulation” again, the camera is not controled by my script anymore but by regular keyboard/mouse.

What camera are you passing in with your “Cam” variable?

I am passing it a reference to a CameraActor that I select in the persistent level.

I add a camra object in my level and then I eference it in my CameraMover lueprint class.

In fact, I found that even if I pt hat into my Level blueprint, I et the same behaviour.

I fond a workaroun by pessig the “Launch” button instead of “Play”. with the drawback to recompile my project a every trial.

Just try it:

  • Create a level blieprint as shown in the picture above.
  • Run it in simulation mode as much as you want (you will see it works fine).
  • Run it in standalone mode once.
  • Play it under simulation mode again: you will see it does not wor4k anymore.

Is that a bug or a natural behaviour ? A setting to change ?


I just figuredit out :slight_smile:

When playing under simulation, I have to click the “Possess” button :slight_smile: