Standalone/Packaged game weird graphic


I made a little game just for test and try to package it but, when I run the packaged game, the graphic is weird or bug.

The scene blink between correct graphic and bugged graphic. I tried to run standalone in the editor but I have the same problem. However, when I run with selected viewport, it run normally.

Here a picture from when it bug:

This is beautiful! So I’m guessing, the head is missing here? Try checking all skeletons and skeletal meshes of your character and make sure they are properly fixed.


Could you please upload a video to show us what’s happening?


Here is the video, it will show you what happen: UE4Game 2016-08-19 19-18-06-28

I posted a link to a video down here.

Hi Vividu,

This looks very similar to an issue we already have a ticket open for here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-26778)

You can follow the links for the other users posts to see their images for comparison.

If you don’t suspect this as being the same issues, I’ll need a test project or detailed steps to reproduce the issue in order to proceed.

Thank you!

After many test, I found if I decrease the resolution in the render target, it doesn’t blink anymore.