Standalone mode runs much slower than Separate Window...

I have updated to version 4.2 and since the update I now get a much lower frame rate when I run my game in Standalone mode. When I just run it in a Separate Window, it runs just fine. In fact it runs better than in 4.1.1.

I have tried to find any reason for this by disabling things and disabling or lowering render settings like post or shadows or any number of things but it’s always slower. Though disabling things can speed it up, as can be expected, it’s still much slower than just running in a Separate Window.

I am running a custom project although it’s a modified version of the 3rd Person Template. It’s not very resource intensive at all. Much less than most of the demo content from the market place. I am doing more testing to see if I can pin point a specific reason or feature that causes it.

My system specs…

Core i7 3770k,
Geforce 680 GTX (driver v337.88),
Win 8.1 64bit (fully updated),
UE4 v4.2

Hi Obihb,

I’m posting some of the information we’ve discussed on this issue on the Forums here for anyone who may want to chime in and for reference purposes.

Forum Link

From the discussions there isn’t a significant loss in FPS that I was able to reproduce. I tested Shooter Game and the Cave Effects examples when doing this test. Having the editor open while running a separate editor window or standalone game when launching to test will impact FPS.

I will continue to keep an eye on this in my projects as well as checking some of the other examples.

Obihb, If you find any solutions, causes, or general issues related feel free to post and I will take a look.

Thank you!


Thank you very much. I will post any extra info I come across.