Standalone feels worse than editor

So I’ve built a physics-based game where you roll a ball around. I’m doing simple stuff like adding some velocity to the sphere on input event. When I go to standalone there’s less force affecting the spheres. Some slopes I can easily get up during PIE can’t be traversed in the standalone.

Here’s my setup:

Is this the best way to do this? Is there a way to guarantee behaviour even on slower/different computers and GPUs?

Don’t use Set Physics Linear Velocity, use Add Force, it’s set up to work the same regardless of frame rate. Set Physics Linear Velocity is basically an override, meant to be used cautiously, as it’s tooltip says.

That was it! Thank you!

So I also had some stuff in this thread last night about sounds not working. Thought I had it fixed, today they’re not working again.

I have several arrays of sound assets and I play a random member from each list. I have a print right after the sound node, and it’s definitely TRYING to play it.

I’ve deleted my intermediate and saved folders, that didn’t help. If I force the sound to play over and over on event tick, suddenly that particular sound will sometimes start working again. But ONLY that sound. Then it’ll randomly stop again with no changes.

I’ve verified that the sound is playing in the correct locations and that the attentuation isn’t the problem.

Here’s an example of how I call it:

Can anyone see anything wrong with that?