Standalone Executable?

My project packages successfully and I can run the executable in the subdirectory: [PackageDirectory]\WindowsNoEditor[ProjectName]\Binaries\Win32, but if I move that executable anywhere else, it fails to launch. I’m basically trying to get a single .exe file I can provide to users to run the game. Is that possible?

That’s not possible, there’s many other files that are required for the game to run, including all of the actual content. The .exe is just the program.

Do you mean a shortcut? Otherwise there’s no such thing. Every program I’ve ever seen has a ton of files and an executable what you see on your desktop is a shortcut to the executable either created by the installer or by right clicking on the executable and selecting ‘create shortcut’.

Except of course such AAA blockbusters as Minesweeper, Solitaire, etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

yes you would need a shortcut, and epic may have one soon

@KVogler - LMAO!!!