Standalone Dedicated Server & Steam API

So, i’m having trouble getting my standalone server hooking up to the steam API. At first I was getting the OnlineSessionAsyncLobbySteam.cpp:434 crash, disabled presence and now it crashes on creating the session. I’ve wrote my own functions for using steams leaderboard functionality on our client side and when running that on the server it appears that the steam backend is never initialising as SteamUtilsPtr is null.

I’ve looked through this previous post and tried the fixes suggested in there for the issues hoping that it might solve this but none of it has helped.

my game and server .target.cs files both have bUsesSteam = true in their constructors. The modules in the build.cs are not encapsulated in any targetPlatform checks, there is an Steam_AppID.txt in the same directory as the server.exe. Using source engine 4.11.2 with the Advanced Sessions Plugin, however using the default create session plugin produces the same crash. Steam is running, DefaultEngine.ini is set up for the steam subsystem.

The only thing i’m not sure about is “Is the game name in the Steam works area been setup?” so if anybody knows how to properly setup that on the steam works end please get in touch.

When it crashes the log produces nothing of any use


So, now that i’m using a separate machine i’ve got it running the dedicated server just fine, connects to the steam API, create session returns successful. But I can’t find it when trying to display sessions, any ideas?

I’ve been working to get this work for my project with 4.13 no luck compiling. Let me know if you do :slight_smile:

Anyone figure this out?