Standalone Dedicated Server Guide

I built a dedicated server the other day and figured I would write up the steps I took. I’ve seen a lot of questions about building dedicated servers. This guide isn’t perfect but hopefully it can help get some people started.

Oh, also, I think I’m missing some steps and making some mistakes, so please chime in if you notice that something is amiss.

That looks like very useful information, bookmarking for when I get to that point!

Thanks! I hope it’s helpful.

I updated it to mention a couple of issues I encountered. I’m going to try to build a linux executable today so I’ll add those steps when I’ve figured that out.

That is REALLY important. I know in my circles if a game doesn’t have a Linux version of its dedicated server, we just flat out don’t play it. At least on our own servers.

Thanks piine! I stumbled upon your post earlier and while it didn’t work for me at the time - it was not related to your steps, but a local issue about “localization” that blocked me unfortunately. I’ll try again later, it’s not important enough - but for sure a useful resource for many people when they cross to bridge of the development cycle!

I’ve added a Linux packaging and deployment guide. Special thanks to Osman for solving the packaging problem for me!

This looks great, piinecone! I haven’t tried it, but I trust ya.

You should definitely more clearly mention that you did this with a Blueprints only project. Since I’m using networked Blueprints only, that was the first thing I wanted to confirm. Obviously you do need to venture into Visual Studio land, but it still might be worth bolding or putting at the top.

Thanks for putting this guide together.

That’s great feedback. Added!

Hey Piinecone this is awesome and Im really happy to see some better information on dedicated servers both client and server side. I would really like to see how you did this with a video tutorial. I’m struggling . It would be really nice to see someone from EPIC go over this with a video series as well. Either way thanks for sharing this.