Standalone crashes and I have errors while packaging

Every time I try to run my project in standalone or I try to package it, it fails. I don’t get an error log when it crashes in standalone though. It runs fine while I’m in the editor so I don’t know why it won’t run.


I think I found the reason why but I don’t know how to fix it. When I use my own importer that runs during runtime my imported files don’t go through the process of being saved. Even when I mark my packages dirty they don’t get saved. What other other methods need to be called so that my assets are saved in my project?

Hey Kik,

In order to assist you further, I am going to need the error and crash logs that you’re receiving. Even if the crash reporter is blank, it should still pop up with a machine ID. If you could provide that to me, that would be helpful.

Also, which version of the engine are you working out of and does this happen on any other project or template?

Thank you!

It didn’t give me an error report. It asked me if I wanted to debug or close out of the program. I think it’s because its just the standalone crashing and not the editor

Would you be willing to zip the project and provide it to me through a link in a private message on the forums? If so, please do that and also let me know which version of the engine you’re working out of.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey KikyoPorter,

It’s been quite a while since I last heard from you and for that reason, I must mark this question as resolved. If you are able to share your project with me, please do so in a link through a private message on the forums. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I uploaded the whole project…I made the mistake of not delete the binaries and intermediate files so it’s kind of big. Tell me if I need to send you another link with that stuff cut out.

So I have downloaded your project and ran it in Standalone. I have not encountered any crash, I was even able to change the camera angles within the game. What types of complications are you having at this time with your project?


it didn’t crash for you?
Did you see little player cards?
The only problem was with the crashing and then just to see if I could package it I tried and it failed


The project did not crash in ‘Standalone’. I did not see any player cards though. I only saw those within the project itself. Since you are crashing, can you please upload those crash logs as a .txt file when you’re able to?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

That’s another problem. It just crashes without leaving a log

So when the engine crashes, you do not receive a crash reporter? Do you have any saved log files within your project folder? Can you please try going to: Window > Developer Tools > Output Logs and see if you receive any errors within that? Is there any error message that pops up that you can take a screenshot of?