Standalone crash

Game crashes in 4.12 on loading standalone mode
PIE, Play in new window works perfect

Hi vlad.dobriy,

With the editor closed, try deleting your Intermediate and Saved Folders from your Project Folder. Then open the editor and run a map check for all levels in your project. Then right click on the Contents folder in the Content Browser and select “Fix up redirectors in folder.” Save level and try playing in Standalone PIE again. Another step would be to delete your Config folder from the Project folder, but if you do so, you will need to re-enter your Project and Editor Settings.

If it fails, in Project Settings>Packaging: Set up for development and choose one Pak file (vs chunks) and include debug files. Then package for Windows 64 if on a PC (or for Mac if on a Mac) to a folder on your Desktop. Cut and paste the contents of the Output Log into a text file and post here along with the debugging files from the newly created data in the folder on your desktop.





Line 780

USCS_Node* ParentNode = FindParentNode(Node);
		if (ParentNode != nullptr)

			// remove node and move children onto parent
			const int32 Location = ParentNode->GetChildNodes().Find(Node);
			ParentNode->MoveChildNodes(Node, Location);