Hi there. Is there a stand alone download for UE4? I do not have internet access on my dev machine.

Unfortunately no, you will need to download it in the launcher. But after the first download you dont need an internet connection anymore :slight_smile:

hmmm…so the launcher is about 60 mb…and the engine is how big?

Around 3-4gb if I recall right.

You can download it from github on pc with internet access and then build it on dev machine

It depends -> my 4.7.3 has around 11 GB (but that’s because I used it for a long time) :slight_smile:

Around 7+GB.

dam…there goes my bandwidth.

zeOrb - that is a good idea. How would I do that?

So why is it that the GitHub zipped file is only 139.910kb. I know u have to set it up using VisualStudio 2013 express but is this the full game engine much like you would get when you download the exe???

I’m not sure exactly, but I think that’s because you don’t get all the assets, materials and the starter content from GitHub.

You have to download the extra binary stuff with the bat files. So not just move the github download to your machine where you want to build.

Epic really has to work at making it easier for people to get the engine. right now its confusing…

It seems more like you’re making it confusing. Is there a reason you cannot temporarily connect the machine you want to put the engine on to the internet?

I am not!!! and YES!!!

haha funny you started a thread like mine :stuck_out_tongue:

interesting how stubborn these guys are, instead of helping they tell you things that you cannot do xD

Ha. Yap. Great minds think alike. Some are not so helpful while others are a joy to work with.

What’s the problem you’re trying to get around? The initial large download? Or downloading a large amount of data on multiple computers that may not have an internet connection? If it’s the later, you could always create your own “installer” by just archiving up the install once you’ve downloaded everything on a machine that has an internet connection. You may lose out on some file associations and you’d need to manually create your own Start Menu/Desktop Shortcuts but it should work for the most part.


You know, I am currently looking for an application to download (namely Freemake Video Downloader) which offers a small file to download the actual application AND a complete setup file. Isn’t that great?

It is your turn now, Epic :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Grab some kind of Visual Studio, Express or Comunity edition will do.
  2. Register on GitHub
  3. On UE main page hit account, then profile, fill in your github username
  4. You’ll get access in a few minutes, open Unreal Engine repo, select download as zip.
  5. Extract the downloaded .zip to a folder, run setup.bat
  6. When finished, the folder will have around 4GB, copy this to your development machine.
  7. On your development machine, run GenerateProjectFiles.bat
  8. Open UE4.sln, hit build … wait for some time (from 10minut on top-end CPU to several hours)
    … and you have working Unreal Engine 4 :slight_smile:

While this is not one-click installer, working with the engine is not one-click-create-a-game and you’ll have to follow more complex tutorials :slight_smile:

lol. thanx everyone but there is no other way to download this bad boy. ENiKS thanx for the details but it did not work. It required 2.5 gigs of extra **** to make it work…SO no…I will bite the bullet and download it a an exe.