Stand alone crashes on start up

My game crashes when trying to play in Stand alone or mobile Preview, it does not happen in any other project or even in a starter level in the same project. Launching and packaging to windows and android work perfectly fine, I’ve gone through all the Blueprint references and nothing seems to be out of place also verified the engine files through the launcher and have a saved copy of the project before I put a day worth of work into it.

Would really like to avoid having to go back to the previous version and/or figure out what broke the stand alone mode so it dose not happen again down the line. This is a Blueprint only project. Anyone have any ideas?


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Dump and Logs -

Dxdiag -

I found the problem after going back to the previous version I had saved and adding all the work I had done. Most of my logic is handled in one big BP that controls everything, similar to Tappy Chicken. When enemies are spawned they get added to a " Spawn Enemies" array so i can destroy them when I need to. The problem , which seems like a bug to me, was when i added a enemy that could spawn their own actors and tried adding them to the “Spawn Enemies” array. I sorted it out by just adding a new array inside the game mode BP and everything when back to normal.

This screen shot shows the array. Previously it came from the main game BP instead of “Game Mode”. Still clueless on why this caused such a issue, unless a item in a array cant add another item into the same array.

So I thought I had solved this, but it seems like the issue is still present. I can’t seem to add an array in one blueprint like the Game Mode or Main game BP then add to it in another blueprint.

Going to mark this as resolved and start a new more detailed question.