Stamina and health blueprint, need help.

Hey, I am having difficulty finding what I’m looking for. I am looking for health system blue print, no I don’t need a health bar, rather I’m looking for blood splatter, or even faded visual (as if you are about to pass out) if that makes sense. I am also looking for stamina, for when sprinting. How to set both and connect them. That I might be willing to have a bar for, or heavy breathing or unstead aim.

any questions feel free to ask. Any things helps.

Search and you will find.

Blood Splatter

Faded Visual:

Edit: Unsteady aim: you can use camera shake for it and gradually increase the intensity. Or, you can rely on animation (have a set of different animations and sort them)

Thank you very much! And I didn’t even think about the camera shake. Much appreciated!