How to use the new Stairs Modelling feature?

Hi Bernhard,

You have to edit the details while the stairs are still floating around in the level, then click to place them. It’s a little bit cumbersome, but that’s how all these placement tools work.

Just click in the level to place the object.

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well, the problem is… that while you are trying to make the changes and edits, you can’t see them on the stairs, because the stairs are floating somewhere in space…

I would say… that’s an odd user experience.
Can’t wait to see an update… where you can at least position that damm thing at a location and then do the changes…

as it is for now… pretty frustrating… unless I am missing something very substantial here.


Yes, I wish it would say put while I’m trying to edit it :smiley:

You need to be able to click to place, but then still have to press ‘confirm’…