Stairs collision

Hi guys, I’m having some problems on giving a collision box to a mesh.

My character can’t walk upstairs on the left, because of the vertex that I highlighted in red.
Is there a way to just drag that vertex, instead of change every time the “accuracy” and “max hull verts” parameters, hoping that the right box just pops out accidentally?
I’ve tried yet with a box shape, but my character is blocked on the top.

Convex hulls generated in editor aren’t good for this, you have to import the mesh with collision mesh included;
There’s docs about it somewhere in the Fbx references.

oh ok, thanks! By the way, in this case I solved raising up the terrain a little bit with the sculpt tool, just to cover up the first step.

Well, you can always do your collision in your 3D app, call it UCX_coll_“yournamemesh” and it will do the job…no texture or uv needed.

Uhm and how should it be done? I Mean, it has to be modelled in a particular way, or maybe exported/imported with some specific settings…? Sorry But i’m a beginner

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Yep you make simple shapes even with primitives if you want (keep all convex:read the doc;)), the important thing is their name as mentionned above, case is sensitive. When you export, you select all the geometry (mesh+collision), the engine will understand :wink: