Staircase stutter and jitter

Is there a way to smooth the player’s movement up and down staircases? I have a staircase with a small rise for each step, but it looks like the player is in a paint shaker when they use the stairs.

Set the collision box for your staircase to be a flat slope. I’m assuming the collision is a box at each step in the staircase, so what’s happening is your player steps on the first step, then the next, then the next, etc., jumping up (or down) every step, making it look jittery.

So, instead of having the collision set at every step, just make a flat “/” shape collision from the bottom step to the top. That way, the player is walking up a continuous slope, and not jumping up every step.

I hope that made sense and helps the issue!

The problem with doing that is by the time you get the slope high enough to eliminate the jitter, the player looks like he’s seriously walking on air.

If anyone in the future is looking for a solution to this (at least a personal solution for what I had to do) this is what I did. I set up a foot ik system that allows you to place your foot on a platform procedurally so it actually looks realistic when moving. Through a tutorial by Ryan Laley I learned how to do this. Super simple Ill leave a link in here. After you’ve set that up, on your stairs create a collision box that is invisible in game and blocks everything except for visibility and camera (make sure it ignores those two channels). As for the main mesh of the stairs it needs to ignore everything in collision except for visibility and camera (these two need to be blocked). That’s basically the jist of what I had to do! Here’s the link for the IK system. Hope this helped someone!!!

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