Stains Interior Project

Hello guys,
I´m facing some weird issues on interior project that I´m working on.
There´re some stains on windows edges. As far as i know, uvw mapping is ok (attached).
Lightmass settings is pretty high too (I increased it a lot trying solve it.)

Thx for your help!

The problem with your uvs is that there are faces connected which will receive a totally different lighting. For example the faces that don’t receive any light (towards the wall) are directly connected to the faces that will have direct daylight. There will always be a problem unless you disconnect all the faces from each other that might receive different lighting. You need to have a 2nd uv channel for the lightmap. Have a look at this example. It is a bit more complicated as your window but it works well with a 96 lightmap because the charts are separated where the lighting might be different.

So pretty Alle!!

Smart work!