Stahlhelm (German WW2 Helmet)

EDIT Replaced images with latest version which has fixed UV issues, better usage of UV space and improved material

I recently played through Wolfenstein: The New Order and it got me back into WW2 so i decided to start making some WW2 assets for practice which i will post in this thread as i go along, first off is the Stahlhelm (German Helmet).

It’s pretty low poly (just under 1,500 polys) and the texture maps are 1024x (Diff, Norm, Gloss and AO) - There is a uv issue around the rim of the helmet which i plan to fix later i just didn’t get around to it before taking screen grabs, i also plan to create the detailed the interior

I used SoftImage for the model and UVs, ZBrush for the diffuse and detail maps then i used XNormal to bake out the maps.

Stahlhelm (German Helmet)

Pretty nice!!! I love the last image.

Thanks i am still tweaking it a bit, i only spent about an hour on it so far

Updated original post with the latest version with fixed UVs, better usage of UV space and improved material


I’m curious if you’re going to make it public also?
And maybe make more models? :slight_smile:
(I’m searching for German and American models for ww2 hehe)

Edit: Subscribed :wink:

I’m working on a few things WW2 which i will be releasing publicly so stay tuned :slight_smile: