Stage 3: Azaria - VR FPS

Hey everyone,

We want to keep track of our progress in our new VR title Stage 3: Azaria which is a prequel of Stage 3, an ActionRPG!

Will update this post as we go with new updates and anything related to our development process. For now I will leave you with some WIP screenshots!

We are starting to document the progress

It has been some time since we updated our blog - we’ve been quite busy with many new things in the studio, but now we’re coming back with full force!

With that out of the way, today marks the beginning of our development Diaries for Stage 3: Azaria!

We’ll start by telling you more about the game since this is the first time we post an article about it.
In this prequel of Stage 3, you will control Azaria, the most powerful hybrid mage of the realm, as you become the last bastion of defense of the Hereogan’s Castle. While you battle for your life and beliefs, you will have to face Eolica’s army, composed of skilled warriors and mages.
The Hereogan’s Castle will become your battleground : fly, teleport, and stop time if necessary to access strategic places as enemies attack you with complex attack formations.
You can choose between 5 different magic elements to launch powerful spells and try different motions with the controller to cast hidden and unique abilities!

As developers, we are thrilled to share the game’s progress with you. Below are some screenshots of the last build of the game we presented locally. All the images and videos we post here are not representative of the final version, but we want to be as transparent as possible while we share our journey with you.

We have tested our game with over 100 different people of all ages, from little children to hardcore gamers and even people who are not used to play games at all. We still test the game with people in a constant basis and we are so happy they really enjoy the game!
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You can watch some of the gameplay in this videorecorded in our headquarters:

Also, we are working with Musicworks V.C Productions to create the music for the game. The process has been so interesting that deserves it’s own article. But as a sneak peek, we are working closely with Jose, the composer of Stage 3 music, to create something unique and epic. we are even using Wwiseto create interactive music and sound effects. You can listen to Stage 3: Azaria’s main theme below.
Do you like where the music style is going?

Few weeks ago, we started to put some information out there, if you are the kind of person who visits IndieDB or Yunoia you can see them in the links, we even have a Presskit!

We will dedicate an article to tell you more about the story and characters of the Stage 3’s universe. But for now we can tell you that there are 3 important factions: Heiron Alliance, Sanctum Order and Viridian Resistance. We have been working on the Sanctum Order units, which are composed of mages who can control different elements: fire, ice, earth and lightning. For those who don’t know much about game development, we create 3D art to fill our world with characters and environments, this is the game model we have created for the Sanctum Order units. Expect more pictures of them soon!

We are continuously adding more spells and creating interesting behaviors that will make you move a lot using the HTC Vive such as Fire slahes, thunderstorm and giant ice shards! As development progress we will start sharing with you some videos to show some action!

There is so much we want to share, things like the music, art, programming, the testing sessions and the list can go on. So expect more articles like these!

We just wrote a new article talking about Fire spells!

Also, this is our October build you can watch it here!

Hey everyone, new article is here!

We talk about optimizing content for VR. Hope our experience can help you to optimize your VR games!

New article is up! We talk about the new level design and modularity

Hi! I’m Ramanand, one of unforgiven’s programmers, and I wanted to share some of the improvements that we have added to the game.

We will do our best to keep you guys updated!

In first videos action looked chaotic sometimes, hard to see what is going on, but it looks good.
Nice game, i like the fantasy world :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:
Yeah we’re polishing the combat aspect of the game bit by bit so it can be more straight forward and little less chaotic.
Our objective is to have fun gamplay with a little bit of strategy combined with some fast paced hack and slash gameplay.

Cool guys, the project does look promising.
Are you looking for testers? Would be fun to give it a try.

We are looking into the creation of some kind of a free trial so we can get more feedback from the community. You are welcome to join our discord server where you can find the latest new about the game, here is the link: Unforgiven Community