Stadium Lights

I’m creating to create a football stadium, and the lights setup around the stadium are in Unreal 4 using “Spot Light”. But my lights just aren’t strong enough to light my stadium. Any suggestions on my spot lights? I have 7 spot lights per stadium light post:

Intensity - 100000.0 (max)
Inner Cone - 60.0
Outer Cone - 80.0
Attenuation Radius - 16384 (max)
Source Length - 20000
Indirect Light -1.0 (changes made no difference)

My lights are working because when I move the lights closer to the ground they begin to appear.

You could try looking up an IES file for a stadium light, would look more realistic and I believe it also contains the illumination values.

You could try to turn off UseInverseSquaredFalloff. It’s a checkbox in the details panel under the light category. You have to click on the little arrow pointing down to show this property.

The “UseInverseSquaredFalloff” works fine! Thanks!

I hate when they hide important options under the down arrow, I always forget to check inside it. Maybe they should make this arrow look more like a clickable button.

Inverse square falloff is physically based though