StackMod - Spoiled Item or random drop items do not stack in Inventory (hard to describe)

Just short:

Spoiled Meat does not stack in invetory when “created”
Coal does not stack when “burned” wood/thatch in fireplace/forge etc

hope you understand what i mean.

thats the only problem i have all other stacks fine :smiley: - its just the “random creation” thats not stack, if i craft something it stacks normaly

Spoiled meat - check your raw/cooked meat files and ensure that “Spoil Gives Item” (or whatever) is your modded spoiled meat.

Charcoal - the structure that makes the charcoal (like a campfire) in CampfireBP is set to create Charcoal, not Charcoal_Child. Stack mods have remapped crafting and cooking stations for this reason.

ok the Spoiled Meat is working fine now, thanks for that. But the coal is still not staking :frowning:

Look for “Override exact class crafting requirements” (or something similar, I don’t have the kit open. It’s a checkbox in the primal BP) in the charcoal (and anything else with stacking issues) and check it.