Stacking water volume ?


Just to be clear, even if I have some experience with modding games, I have absolutely no knowledge on the UE in general. I started using Ark Dev kit one week ago, after a few weeks of “theoretical preparation” using tutorial on youtube on this website. By the way, thanks to all those peoples for the time they have put in creating them.

Would having multiple small water volume intruding a bigger one cause any trouble ?
I am working on a complex water body shape with a “main water body” falling into a canyon through multiple small waterfalls. As they are not aligned (for aesthetic purposes), I will need to add small water bodies that will go from the main water body to the extremity of each water pass. They will slightly intrude others water body.
Should I change the design or will multiple water body at the same place result in no harming ?

It’s probably a dumb question, but I think it’s better to ask it now, when my map is planed and I have started painting it’s basic heigtmap, than when everything will be done and the stacked water bodies starts making the game crash or something like that.

I don’t think it will cause any problems, but since I’m not alevel designer I would say you should test it first. just add some stacked water volumes to the test map like you describe to do a quick smoke test in PIE. then maybe make a small island map (like a teeny tiny one) and do the same but actually cook and upload the map to steam to test in the live game (Things aren’t always consistent between the two) this should let you know relatively early on if you are going to have any problems

Sorry to answer so late, I was far too busy to bother about the dev kit, or even just log onto this forum. Thank you for your answer ZenRowe.
I will try to cook a map as you suggest. At least, in the Dev Kit, it work.