Stacking mods and Dirty mods

Just a reminder to all modders out there in the community, if your mod dirties the core files (Remaps/Replaces the vanilla items) your mod will most likely not be stackable for every mod out there using core files!

If you have remapped, replaced, overrode any core items or files, you should go to your mod and put a warning to all other users that your mod might not be stackable! Otherwise there are going to be users out there that don’t know your non vanilla mortar and pestel isn’t clean, they will think other mods that require clean items are at fault :frowning:

So for anyone that replaced the mortar and pestel just to make Chitin Paste cheaper ahem =P you will need to put a warning that your mod is “Not Mod Stack Approved”

Just a suggestion to Trojan you should change your tags
Overhual Remaps files/dinos - You will need to wipe your world/dinos/map/items
Dirty Tampers with core files, hides core items - You can not stack with other mods safely
Clean Introduces new original items - You are free to use this mod with other clean mods

Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger,Posh are also available for mod type classification to tell you what you want, what you really really want

I’ll tell you what I want, What I really really want!

I want safe clean modding!

I made a dirty overhaul… that sounds like a *****, or an A&E show. LMAO!!!

Yea, with a little bit of time I’ll get it down to just an overhaul though, now that we can make it a clean mod XD

If a mod (not a map) is able to complete its goals with:

Remap_NPC += InMergeCanidate->Remap_NPC;
Remap_SupplyCrates += InMergeCanidate->Remap_SupplyCrates;
Remap_ResourceComponents += InMergeCanidate->Remap_ResourceComponents;
Remap_NPCSpawnEntries += InMergeCanidate->Remap_NPCSpawnEntries;
Remap_Engrams += InMergeCanidate->Remap_Engrams;
Remap_Items += InMergeCanidate->Remap_Items;
AdditionalEngramBlueprintClasses += InMergeCanidate->AdditionalEngramBlueprintClasses;
AdditionalStructuresToPlace += InMergeCanidate->AdditionalStructuresToPlace; 
AdditionalStructureEngrams += InMergeCanidate->AdditionalStructureEngrams;

It is entirely stackable and if it does not behave correctly it is because a different mod remapped the same thing and overrided what your mod did so consider changing the priority. If it changes anything outside of those then it must be a base game mod.

If your mod requires a vanilla item, and mod B remaps that vanilla item to the lazy susan version of it.

Your mod will not work.

If your mod remaps mortar and pestel and has 5 new items, and mod b remaps mortar and pestel and has 4 items, (mortar and pestel a != mortar and pestel b)

Then the second mod will not work, these are 2 simple examples of how stacking won’t work with remaps.

If your mod requires a vanilla item, and mod b requires a vanilla item, and neither mod has remapped, these mods will stack.

Done and done.

Hooray my mod is still clean!

That’s what I wanted what I really really wanted.

The descriptions for the mod can be extended or shortened fairly easy to make more sense. My signature is just a general guideline.

/high_fives TroJanVirus

Already got using the term dirty =]

If you have remapped anything, even if it’s just chitin paste (The 1 single item that is used for 75% of the entire game) Please!, Warn people. Let people know. If for any reason you replace any vanilla items, and people learn them on your mod, then move to a mod that uses the vanilla item, they have to delete that character, they can’t migrate from a dirty mod to a clean mod safely. Always remember to wear protection when modding :wink:

I’ve had a warning up on my mod about it being a complete overhaul and not vanilla save compatible since day 1. I’m going through my mod right now and gutting out probably 20+ hours of time I spent getting all the references and subclassed blueprints all pointed properly to swap over to the new ‘remap item’ array system. As long as your items are remapped using that array then it should be fairly compatible with stacking. I also tag all of the items I’ve referenced in my mod with --Mod: Statera Vis so that users will know when it’s something for sure from my mod.

One thing I’m noticing during my testing, is that some of the weapons don’t fully adhere to the remap item functionality. If you have a custom turret, and a custom advanced rifle bullet, you have to still map out the full hierarchy of the item to have it consume the custom ammo type. I noticed similar issues with the C4, and other ‘trap’ style items I’ve modified not fully respecting the remap as well.

It’s a big overhaul, but I’m at least trying to play nicely with the other children. :stuck_out_tongue:

You wouldn’t want a… TroJanVirus…


I have told the ASM guys over the hill about these changes today. So for anyone who uses a third party server manager, apparently you’re all clear :slight_smile:

would dino stat changes be clean or dirty?

Dino stat changes would just follow the mod load order, so last loaded would win.

It depends if the stat changes are used on new dinos mainly.

The categories work for how the developer of the mod controls his/her workflow. There are exceptions however.

It depends if the stat changes are used on new dinos mainly.

The categories work for how the developer of the mod controls his/her workflow. There are exceptions however.

i have all existing dinos remapped to a new version of the dino (pretty sure this is the only way to change dino stats?). I am thinking it would be dirty.

lol… well, doing a overhaul (it wasn’t really an overhaul or dirty since it NEVER caused any problems with saves…) does not play nicely with v190. In singleplayer it plays perfectly, no bugs AT ALL. Put it on a server, fresh wipe, no wipe, doesn’t matter, the vanilla game is overriding my mod. I don’t get it, and worked all day yesterday trying to fix it, but no luck. :frowning: This has become the biggest task yet. Strive on and keep looking for solutions though XD

It appears mods created in the DK prior to V190 lose their reference snaps in some weird way.
It’s disappointing seeing everyone trying to fix their awesome mods which would otherwise run perfectly :frowning:

If you use a core_child in your mod, is this still considered Dirty?