Stacking Mod

Yeah I guess this surely it no new topic here, but neither in this forum nor anywhere else did I find the answers for my questions… so yeah, I’m trying it again.

I am working on a roleplay server in which we actually wanted to use a stacking mod. Sadly all of the ones out there are way too much about their stacking and in addition we only want the normal resources to stack. So nothing that needs to be learned with engrams, cause that creates some problems with another mod we are using, which gives players only certain engrams depending on their choosen role.

So yeah, I tried to do one on my own in the dev kit.
So far, I created a new mod folder with the two needed base blueprints “PrimalGameData_BP” and TestGameMode" and the needed Level from the GenericMod folder. I copied them into my new folder and edited them according to a youtube video I’ve seen, renamed them and all.

Then I started to copy the plueprints from certain ressources.
I started with metal and metal ingot and tried to change them to what I want:
Stacking Size: 500
Of course I renamed them.

Now what I am asking myself… how can I add now for example, that this metal can be used to craft all the things the normal metal can be used for too?
Or how can I manage to make the forge accept this resource to make my metal ingot then?
Does this work as well to make the resource being accepted my other modded forges for example S+?
Oh and another important point, do I need to do something that the normal ingame resources will be replaced with the ones I am making?

Does anyone have maybe a tutorial on what I need to do, like some sort of checklist?

I would be really thankful if anyone could help me with this!

Thanks already :slight_smile:

First off you should be using children of the items, not copies
If you use children, not copies, most things will craft fine
You must replace the vanilla items with your children in “Remap Items” section of the primal game data
Stuff like the forge and campfire will give vanilla charcoal unless you make custom ones that use your items and remap them as well.

That’s all I know about stack mods.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes I was actually using children, wrote it down wrong here.
Actually I managed it to work more or less, though there are a few problems I found. Jerky seems to be a problem with different stacks.

I removed the cooked meat now from my mod, though I still want the raw meat to stack. Now… of course the vanilla campire won’t produce cooked meat anymore from the raw ones, since they don’t have the children as required crafting resource… what I wonder now… is there a way to still make it work? My children raw meat to vanilla cooked meat? Or would Jerky and all still work, if I made children of the cooked meat, though I wouldn’t change anything about the stack size?