Stacking Mod used to work, now some items can not be made anymore? Please advice

I made a stacking mod that was working fine.
Now suddenly we can’t make all the stuff that the mod is controlling … like Cementing Paste can be made in the Chem Table, but not in the Mortar and Pestle … Simple Bullets and Shotgun Shells can not be made in the smithy…
If you get these in a drop they stack fine, and weight is correct… but you can’t make them in their respective structure???
I had to drop alot that was crafted in the Chem Table, that seemed to vanish after one or patches back… Not sure why!
2 berries changed, Tintoberries and Narcoberries both changed to Bingleberries … crafted elements could no longer be made in M&P, ChemTable and so on … this is so weird for me… they are all taken in a Child of the original resource, so they shouldn’t change their behavior like this? But can cause this?

I was just told that making a Preserving Bin, would crash the server when tried to place… this is a vanilla bin … I have no idea why…

hmm seems u guys are having issues

Do you have a mod loaded with higher priority than your stacking mod? When things are replaced by multiple mods, the game will disregard subsequent overwrites.

I have the mod as second on the list … an overhaul mod is on top… then the stacking mod …

Try running without the overhaul mod. The bin might be modified by the first mod.