Stacking Flipbooks

Is there a way to play more than one flipbook at a time for a single character? like a flipbook for the arms and a flipbook for the face?

Well yes you can.

Obviously you can’t split the arms / legs / whatever after you already called and play a flipbook but nothing prevents you from creating a flipbook for the face, arms or legs and then play them independently or simultaneously depending on your use case.

Does this make sense or am I once more a bit… confusing^^

it makes a little sense, but if you could explain how to apply them both as the source flipbook for the character blueprint or whatever i need to do i would much appreciate it.

You shouldn’t see it as one flipbook. As you said you want to play more than one flipbook at a time for one character.

Well your character is not limited to exist of only one visual component. There is no issue at all to split him up in the single parts and have multiple flipbooks running at the same time.