Stacker mod Ark Dev Kit

Hey guys!

I am starting my own stacker mod for Ark. My experience with the dev kit is basically downloaded it and opened it. I have just 2 days ago learned where and how to make my own mod folder. I have also copied and renamed the 3 files to my stacker mod folder a video on youtube said I would need. One is yellow/orangeish, primalgamedata_bp, and testgamemode and gave them all my stacker name at the end of them. I have gotten, what I think, is all my primalitem resource, weapon and consumable child bps and have adjusted their values ( yes, compiled and saved each time ). What I want to do now it test it in the test map area. I have done nothing else because no info I can find and don’t know how to load it to the test area for testing.

I am assuming that after I do what is necessary to test stack sizes and weights, I can the cook and upload to steam and create mod page. I don’t know any of those steps yet either.

This will not be just a one off stacker only. Later, my intention is to build a map my daughter wants for Ark. So I have a long way to go. Gotten only a little help from 3 and TK but at this stage, need some additional help.

Thanks in advance!

Larry D aka “Chief”

To test in the dev kit: open your orange level file. On the right will be a tab for World Settings (if not, you have to open it in window, view, some sort of tab at the top). Find PrimalGameData override. With yours selected, simply press the left arrow for this setting and it’ll select yours.

To make stack mods work, your resources must be children of the original. In PrimalGameData, search “Remap Items” and for every (single) one, go From Class PrimalItemResource_Wood -> To Class PrimalItemResource_Wood_Child

Dev kit is anti stack mods, they are incredibly buggy, have fun!

Thank you Huston!

That helped and was pretty simple instructions. I only thought I was getting close to having this ready. LOL I see what you mean about having to remap every item to the child file. After finally figuring out why I was dying in the test area (had to choose Test Map level again instead of being dropped endlessly into an abyss), I was able to spawn a stack of wood and recheck and change the weight I was looking for rather quickly.

When I get done remapping these, what would the next step be theoretically!?? Cook then upload to steam to check on my own single player mode? Cuz I don’t know how to create a mod page yet and have no icon and pictures for it either. :frowning:


Alright, got mod cooked and uploaded to hidden so I can test. SEEMS to be working then I started spawning stuff in to check other items.

1 problem so far. Can’t get gasoline to work in chainsaw. I used the gasoline bp and adjusted the item quantity. When spawned in it showed up in inventory but will not become available as fuel for the chain saw. Switched mods to another stacker and it worked fine.

The issue is (AFAIK anyway) is that things that take items as fuel or ammo don’t like childs.
You will probably find that the leech blood will not work in the fishing pole and ammo does not work in some weapons. Slingshot comes to mind.
What I think most people do is copy the weapon, set it to use the new stack item then remap the new weapon.

Thanks for the reply Pok.

I followed what you are saying but can’t find an obvious option to use any resource let alone my stacker resources on the chainsaw bp. And was i supposed to make child or copy blue print and remap? I am sure I would get them confused when remapping because the name would be the same if I didn’t create child. Only thing I have changed so far (on chainsaw child bp) that didn’t work was “Support drag onto item class” and was able to choose my gas child. The items under that say same thing except add “ammo” but can’t choose any stacker mod resources. Or is any of this supposed to be done in the primal game data bp? lol

Thanks, Chief

Appreciate all and any help!

The weapons look for specific resources instead of specific resources and children. Stacks mods have a long list of problems.

Just wanted to say thanks Huston for all your help!

Anyone found a way yet to get stacked fertilizer or poop working in the crop plots yet? And I am also trying to get the crops or plot to stack more than 150 for veggies and 299 for berries. I looked at the crop plot blueprint and think I saw those in there. but that means I would have to do like the angler gel/standing torch in order to adjust that. And hopefully the other thread with the sap tap stacking will get some hits. :wink:

Also having inventory bug with darts.

While all three darts types are in inventory, each of the 3 only shows their own quantity. While loaded in longneck, the pheromone and shocking show their own quantity while the tranq dart shows all 3 darts quantity. But removing them only shows tranq dart quantity. Can’t seem to figure it out. All need the override enabled to work though.

And just fixed tonight, the tranq dart only needed another engram to be visible in smithy while the other two do not, to be seen in fab. Already there. Strange, but works

Edit: Well nvm. Now for some reason after making the tranq dart engram, I need the other two.

Look for a checkbox that says “Override exact crafting requirements” - or something similar to that in your edited resource primals. I don’t have the kit open atm. Checking that will solve MOST of your “Item doesn’t recognize edited fuel/ammo” problems. Though this checkbox can cause other issues, so be careful.