stackable mods

I am trying to add mods in my server but no luck some of the mods using different maps so anyone who added different mods in their server any advice much appreciated Mods i want to install :
1-TorchBoost by he is working to updating it to support stackable .
2-Canna-Ark v0.25 By by .Sinestro and Mr.Pwndabear and their team i think they updated it already to support it.
3-Improved Dinos - Rare Spawns and All Color Dinos By Premixedpie i think he is working in updating it.
4-Extra Modified Ammos Mod by salcarr i think he is working in updating it.

That pretty much covers it.
Are you using a third-party server manager or the vanilla one?

i am using server command line manger they have choices there for map but some mods use different maps i only i can select 1 custom command

As it stands right now, I believe you need to have all 4 of your mods folders in the same directory (side-by-side).

You specify the FIRST map (which is really just to load that mod) then for your additional arguments you add each extra ModID (The number on the folder for each mod) as follows:
^ (without the quotation marks) ^

and how do i separate the mods in mod ID and map

That server manager doesn’t look very configurable/friendly.

But usually, separate the modid’s with commas.

yep i will be using your mod too before when i used Canna-Ark v0.25 mod i have to put in map GenericMod_Canna so it can work

but maybe they will fix it up a bit

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I have escalated this to our development staff to look into for you.

If you have any other queries or issues don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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29/07/2015 12:48
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they added support for it how to apply it

  • Stackable Mod support! This allows multiple mods to be used together and combine their changes – works with existing mods too! and you can use Mods on custom maps now. To Use Stackable Mods from the in-game menu, simply goto the “Host Game” menu and then select a map, and a list of mods to stack. The top mod will take priority (i.e. is most likely to fully work), and any secondary mods will attempt to add items and other overrides, they may or may not work depending on what those mods actually do (most mods that add items will work as secondary mods… whereas you’ll likely want to use any major rebalancing mod as your “base” mod :). We’ll continue to add more functionality for what Stacked Mods can do, so stay tuned!

To specify stacked mods for dedicated server commandline, you first need to manually install the Mods by copying over the Mod files, then specify Steam Published File ID’s in your Server’s GameUserSettings.ini like so (and just load the map via commandline):

Or use a Commandline to launch it like this:
ShooterGameServer.exe /Game/Mods//halo?listen?GameModIds=
(the left-most ID is the top mod)

I use for our clan. Ok so forget all about the command line interface that’s one way of enabling mods yes but currently simply listing the active mods in the gameusersettings.ini does the same job

Just put in your ini


Where after the = you’ll put each mods id with a comma separating each. The furthest left mod will take priority.

I run ark reborn and canna ark like this perfectly with Vilayer.

Edit: to get to edit the gameusersettings open the configuration manager in your services ( left most icon)and use the text editor to manually add the active mods

And lol at support… Been after them since release to open up the command line to being actually being able to be edited… Day 1 of release it was… Then they changed it to this restrictive version we see now

Thanks for the info there .

It can be tricky when it comes to alternative third-party server managers but the “ActiveMods=” addition to the GameUserSettings.ini method is universal by the sounds of it.

Coolbanana, did you happen to read my new updated installation instructions I worked on last night for both of my mods? (Links are in my sig). If you only have access to the gameusersettings.ini for your server you can simply add in one line that has all your mod’s ids (in the order you like) like this:

ActiveMods=469987622,478736056 ;example only for PogLoot(priority),TorchBoost(secondary)

You only need access to the commandline/launch_parameters to change the map now (a non-generic mod map).

thanks guys it worked but some mods need to be primary that the problem

Hey guys I could use some help with this problem as well. I would like to use 2 mods and do not know how to set my server up to do so. Right now I’m running 1 mod no problem on my server. I have 2 locations on my manager to setup my mods,
Map or map mod path: /Game/Mods/482406692/GenericMod
Mod IDs: ?ModId=482406692

This currently works great on the server but I don’t know how to add the second mod. If I add just “?ModId=482406692,Nextmod” it doesn’t work so I need something with the “/Game/Mods/482406692/GenericMod” too, and I don’t know how to add that part at all. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!