Stackable items with quality?

I had this idea for my mod that not only tools and armor should have quality, but also other things.
Unfortunately, the little problem I ran into is that stackable items with quality ignore said quality when stacking is possible, inheriting the quality of the existing stack. Whether the new item is supposed to have higher or lower quality doesn’t make a difference.
Any possible workarounds for this?

Hi Sench,

At this time there is no workaround that allows stacking of items with a quality value. It is likely to be possible to control this through blueprinting, but it would be an experiment. Vokunzun is also working with making things stack that normally don’t, and has run into several issues. Generally, if an item doesn’t stack, there is a reason for it elsewhere in the engine.

I see. That’s unfortunate, but here’s hoping something becomes available.

My idea was to add quality to things like narcotics and stimulants (would be nice if you turn off passive hp regen), and perhaps to structures, making the latter slightly less expensive to build as the blueprint’s quality increases (or increasing their durability, though personally I think that’s not necessary).

Thanks for the reply.