Stack size and weight (Reverse engineer 'no-harvest' weapon.)

Okay, have found NO solution to the ‘no-harvest’ weapon, so I decided to reverse the scenario and make the stacks of wood, stone, fiber, thatch, flint and metal about 10-fold in stack size BUT cut the weight by just as much.
Problem: the mod isn’t ‘taking’…
Mod name: Harverster
Main directory looks like this.


The Primal’s have all been renamed things like “PrimalItemResource_Flint_Harvester” and linked in the PrimalGameData_BP_Harvester in the Master Item List


However, it does not seem to ‘take’, and the stacks and weights are of default values even though I have set them to something else.

Incidently, how do dinosaurs who eat trees eat the trees? They must be doing some sort of damage to them that doesn’t harvest. Perhaps look at that?

Ohhh… hadn’t thought of that… Hmmmmm… let me look into it… Thank you…

To answer the question of this thread, the reason they’re not taking is because you’re just replacing the item in the Master List, you need to Remap the defaults to the new ones - this is generally how stacking mods work - else make a TC and edit the core files directly.


question…remap the defaults instead of the Master List…ummm where is the default list? Also, if I did a complete TC, would that not hinder some skills as the resources would not be harvestable?