Stack Mod problem

Hi there! So I’ve just picked up the ARK Dev kit in an attempt to make our own mods for the server we host. Because we’re tired of subscribing to mods that the Mod creator abandons.

So in that regard we’re running a Near Vanilla server and we want a stack mod. I’ve made one where I have created a folder called stacks 2017

I’ve taken the primalItem(resource/Consumable) Blueprints and made children into my stacks 2017 folder. I went in an modified ALL the max item qunatites to my desired amount. I than went into my "PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod_Child_Stacks2017 and edited the master item list, repointing all the resources to my edited children. I compiled, Job Successful. Now when I pull it into the game, nothing happens. All the basic resource max quantities are still there? Is there something I’m missing?

Please help. Thank you kindly


You do not touch master list you need to use “remap items” in primalgamedata

thank you kindly.

Don’t edit the Master list.
In PrimalGameData , search for remap … and the find the remap items.
When you add items, you will get 2 columns to use, the first one, is the vanilla items you want to change, and the second, the child you have edited.
Do this for every item you have altered.
Remember to add your primalgamedata to your worldsettings … when you cook your mod, make sure you add the correct level and such.

thank you kindly. :slight_smile: