Stack mod problem

I created my own stack mod for myselfe to play on SP and works fine on testing but in game i dosen’t work any sugesstions why ? I remaped in “Remap items” and “Remap resource” nether didn’t work

Did you by any chance copy the original item to remap?
Try using a child instead

Tryed both and didin’t work

What steps did u take?

Create child of berries,meat and other resources then remaped in “Remap items” and it worked in Dev Kit testing but in game dosen’t work

When I made my stacking mod, I used thesmallisland to test on … it took some back and forth to make it work…

My steps:
Create the child, and change the values to my liking
remap them in primalgamedata_BP
added the testgamemode
added the level
used smallisland to test on…

Make sure that in your world settings, you have set your changed primalgamedata_BP to get the remapped items… no need to set the testgamemode …
Test first on the smallisland, if it works there … cook it…

Oh … and some of the resources like ammos have issues being remapped… just saying … I could not get shotgun shells, and simple ammo i.e to work … but arrows and grenades did???

I did all that and didn’t work but somehow my bullets works normal when i create them

did u change the item in the Master Item List?? I did that first time to get them up in the game…
edit: I changed them in the Master Item List … AND remapped them also … then I got them to work in game … I honestly don’t know if it’s needed … good or bad … but when I did that, I made the new weight and sizes work…

Ok, i never tryed edit Master Item list i will try that thanks

Bad, never mess with the master item list. You will never have to edit this list. There is an “additional engram” slot for the master engram list as well. All you have to do is create a child of primalgamedata, create a child of primalitemresource_wood, go to primalgamedata_child and under “remap items” you go FROM primalitemresource_wood TO primalitemresource_wood_child and boom it works. That’s it. Anything else is a problem with your mod, not what you’re modding. So in theory none of your mods work, and it’s not exclusive to this one.