Stack mod earthquake issue

I’m making a stack mod for our server and I hoped that when the devkit updated the models for the items that fall from the earthquake would be updated onto the child version of the resources in the mod and that it would fix them falling as boxes. However I have now recooked in the new devkit and they are still falling as boxes during the quake. I’ve looked in the default blueprints for the items and I can see no reference to either the new models or the quake itself. Does anyone have any ideas how to make the custom models apply to my versions of the items dropped during the quake?

Take a look at the BP called AberrationDayCycle the items and meshes are in the arrays called Dropped item classes map and Dropped item Meshes map. The in your PrimalitemResource BP look for Dropped Mesh Override put the item dropped mesh that matches the item in the Aberration dayCycle BP and then in Dropped Mesh Override Scale 3D put 1.3 in the x,y, and z then save and compile. Thet is what I did with my Stacks mod for it to work.