Stack mod cross compatibility

I made a stack mod and I’m having an issue with the Gas Forge mod. I’m assuming this issue extends to similar mods. The charcoal only stacks 95% of the time. So if I put 100 wood into the Gas Forge, I will come out with something like 95x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x.

I have no issues with standard forges. What did I miss?

I’m having this same problem. Campfires, Forges, and fireplaces do that 1 stack thing until I take the charcoal out(which it stacks fine just annoying it doesn’t work while in their inventories.). However, the strange part is that charcoal stacks 100% properly in Industrial Forges. It makes no sense. Really trying to fix it. Replacing campfire and other units seems too drastic. Maybe there is a burning item inventory that needs replaced? I’m still look, but there are also two other issues I’m currently looking in to as well.—

Edit: Fixed it. Follow Wookie’s tutorial on campfire. Ark Dev Kit Tutorial: 6 - Creating a new Campfire! - YouTube
You need to make childern of EngramEntry,Primalitemstructure, and the PrimalInventoryBP_campfire(or forge). For the actual structure which is example: Campfire (blueprint) – you need to make a copy and not a child. Remap the engrams and replace the InventoryBP in the structure component. I had to do this 3 times. Campfire, fireplace, and Refining forge. Also dont forget the most important part of changing your modded charcoal to be used in the structure data.