Stability of Marketplace and purchase bugs


Yet again I’ve paid my money - gone to download the asset and it doesn’t - previously it was the “syncing” issue - now it’s just a “doesn’t work” - Space Journey - I left a couple of comments on the marketplace forum - no response, still not working - too many bugs - it doesn’t look like a stable product by any means - I’ve been Epics Fan since UT - UE4 and the Marketplace are too buggy - even 4.10 is still too buggy. Our professional lives revolve around a buggy, unsupported product - does this sound like something you wanted when you started out? Please - it can be fixed - you have the technology!

Hey RichardB, sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems. Have you sent messages to the email, or to Stephanie or Reuben? They should be able to assist you with this issue.

Thanks for your reply (love your SciFi assets). I will contact them but I’m over having to do this all the time - it should “just work” by now.

You’re absolutely right. I’ve seen my share of threads here with the same issue of being unable to download assets. Fixing this issue should be the #1 priority for the team. You should probably create a thread in the feedback forum using the marketplace tag since marketplace issue reports have been shifted to that section now. I’ll bring up the problem with them again myself. Being able to purchase and download packs should work flawlessly for the consumer.

Also thanks for the support, glad you like the assets!

Hi Richard!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having this issue. I looked into the pack you mentioned here and it does appear to be downloadable at this time. Please try downloading the content again, if you find that it’s not working for you please PM with the e-mail you used to purchase this submission and your launcher logs. If you’re having any other issues with any Marketplace content please message either me or Reubitron here and we’ll see if we can get these sorted out for you.