Stability / Crash / Hangs?

I’m getting a lot of hangs, where the ARK unreal editor just seems to sit there and become unresponsive.
Typically on opening an asset, or for example launching PIE.

This is a fresh download/install from the Epic Games Launcher, on a PC that gets used for other UE4 engine versions.
I’ve got the UE4Prereq redist from probably 4.15 or 4.17 installed could this be causing a problem running a 4.5.x editor?

I just tried running a PIE session and get a lot of “Can’t file file for asset” errors, as well as some worrying warnings from FixupRootNodeParentReferences, but nothing that should cause it to hang.

Any ideas?
Is the ARK UE4 editor rock-solid for everyone else?

I think it’s just the way it is. It’s a beefy game and a beefy engine. It certainly does make development frustrating though when it locks up your computer and you can’t even browse reddit while you wait for things to load/compile.