Stabilising mesh to create realistic handling


I’m trying to create a 6dof/Descent style of game and so my first step on this journey is to create the movement of the ship. I followed a tutorial on the UE4wiki and am pleased with the results however, to perfect this movement I need to figure out how to stabilise the craft while input is not pressed or the ship is not in motion

Basically, when I move left or right (WASD input) and move my mouseinput my mesh begins to tip, but does not go back to its original position when still. I want it to go back to an original position.

Basically, I want an effect similar to this but using proper physics: 1998 Forsaken Gameplay PC - YouTube

Also, I only want this to be applicable when using the MoveRight input, as I have inputs that allow manual rotation of the ship.

I took a look at the Flying Template Blueprint but got lost pretty quickly, I am using Set Linear Physics Velocity to control the ship. I am unsure if the way this template handles it would be applicable to the way I’ve set up.

Here is what I currently have in Blueprints:
Here is how my mouselook is setup(not using physics linear velocity):


Increase the Linear Damping.