SSR without TXAA on translucent materials change

Hello, I’ve been trying to allow translucent materials to be reflected by SSR without using Temporal AA. I’ve figured out how to accomplish this by moving one line of code in the renderer.

RenderDeferredReflections(RHICmdList, DynamicBentNormalAO, VelocityRT);
Down to after the translucent materials have rendered, for example to this position:

Also moving the TRefCountPtr<IPooledRenderTarget> DynamicBentNormalAO;
out of the scope so it is accessible down below.

Since this seemed like a pretty obvious thing to do, is there any reason why the developers chose not to do so?

Thanks in advance.

Moving render target pointers out of their enclosing scopes will force them to be kept in memory during other render passes, preventing them from being reused through the object pool, and driving up VRAM usage. You should only keep those pointers in scope when they are actively being used and need to have their contents preserved.