Ssinopsis a computer game "Heritage of Atlantis".

Genre Alternative hisstory, adventure shooter with the RPG elements.

International teams of mercenaries the order for performance of a confidential expedition arrives, contract value at lucky finds could be all salary in 15 years. Having arrived to a private country house them bring up to date and acquaint with an expedition subject.
According to some confidential cards which were stolen at one of the western investigations in the water area of the Mediterranean Sea global disaster collision with a big meteorite of which resulted the island called Atlantis was flooded. The purpose of an expedition to occupy base of insurgents on the coast, to investigate a bottom on the accident site and at detection of artifacts to lift them on the vessel. All mission has to be confidential and pass under cover of an entertaining sea cruise.

The main character should pick up International team (7-15 people), to explore the territory, to take and keep base of local insurgents, then to find traces of an ancient civilization and to transfer finds to military base in the Crimea. At detection of artifacts learn the western intelligence agencies about it and begin deadly hunting behind finds. At fighting collisions from team not many will escape. Only the main hero and several survived members of an expedition will reach base. At a research of the found artifacts of Atlantis their unusual and paranormal properties which can be used both for peaceful creation and for military application will be found. By means of artifacts of Atlantis prototypes of devices will be created:

  1. Biocapsules for treatment of any diseases and activation of the hidden opportunities of an organism,
  2. Exoskeleton for conducting combat and prospecting operations,
  3. Electromagnetic, plasma and wave weapon,
  4. Systems of remote information retrieval and mental detection,
  5. The levitating aircraft and drones with artificial intelligence.
  6. Devices for creation of spatial tunnels for instant movement,
  7. Technologies of genetic engineering for cultivation of plants and animals with unique properties.

The main character has to manage to construct all new prototypes of devices and to reflect military invasion of the other investigations.

Game classes:

  1. Intelligence agents of 6 levels.
  2. Sniper 3 levels.
  3. Shooter attack plane 3 levels.
  4. Physician doctor 4 levels.
  5. Scientist 4 levels.
  6. Technician designer 4 levels.

The open world with detailed cards and the destroyed environment, beautiful underwater locations, pumping of technologies and personal opportunities of the hero. The intellectual quests and strategic decisions influencing a game ending. Artifacts of Atlantis can be bought both for game and for real money - to accelerate playing the game. Also it will be possible to buy the pumped-over bots of experts and arms. Possibility of single and team passing.
As an option, remove the blockbuster according to the plot of the game.

Slogan: Learn the past to change the future!

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