SSD only in my PC - Is it possible?

SSDs perform better than a Hard Disk. The advantages can be seen in performance, speed and energy. The main disadvantage is the price: $120(€100) for a 240GB SSD. Can I buy a 240-GB SSD and use it only as mass memory? Consider that I’ve to install OS, UE4, Visual Studio, and other softwares.
Thank you for opinions :slight_smile:

Sure, you can have SSD as your only harddrive. There is a risk though: Data lost on an SSD (in case of failure) is gone like gone. There are 0 methods of returning it. Conventional HDDs can have data recovered and stuff. I use HDD to back important files up, have my OS/Drivers and high end games on SSD.

This scares me! :frowning:
I think a Hard Disk will be better.

Everyone at Epic that I’ve worked with (including myself) have 2 hard drives; An SSD for our OS and an HDD for the engine/everything else. It gets us great performance without the risks. I’ve run the engine off of both drives and I could barely tell a difference since my HDD is pretty new and fast.

I use SSD’s (3 of them now) as my primary disks, have never had a single issue with data loss. To make sure I never have to deal with it, I use a partition set up on my old WD Black 1tb drive as a shadow copy of my Data SSD drive. You can easily set this up through the software that comes with the drive (Samsung has a great program for this that comes on a CD) or you can download any of the free HD tools to do this. It doesn’t need to be an overly fast drive either since it is only storing data, so any old HD will work.

With that said you shouldn’t have any issues with an SSD for at least 5 years. I have been using my original 120gb SSD for 3 years now, never had any issues. Just make sure you always have a backup of your important data and you have nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

This should be every game developer’s motto

Thanks :slight_smile:
Can you tell me if is a 240-GB SSD enough?

That depends on what you do with the PC (e.g for gaming, game development,…). For example I have a 120 GB SSD (+ a hard disk for safety backups) in my PC and for me it’s enough, because I just use it for game development. But when you also play games like Far Cry 4/Battlefield… (alone this game needs 30 GB) you should use one with over 240 GB (but then I personally would recommend you to just buy a hard disk → cheaper and also good for storing stuff) :slight_smile:

Thanks. I need a gaming PC for development too. What do you have in the SSD and what in the Hard Disk? From what I’ve understood, OS + softwares go on the SSD and other files go into the HDD.
Anyway, I think I will use a hard disk. :slight_smile:

SSD → OS + softwares that should start very fast (in my case the UE4, blender and photoshop)
Hard Disk → files (backups, other programs that are not so important,…)

That is the best way to do it. Programs will benefit from the additional speed, they will load faster and perform better. Project files and code / documents etc don’t get as much of a benefit from being on an SSD, aside from loading slightly faster, so they can be stored on an HD.

Look into Hybrid hard drives as well, they are a Hard Drive with a SSD in one unit. They work similar to having a SSD for programs and an HD for documents, but they are slightly more expensive right now (about the same price as buying them separately).

Yeah, I have my OS and installed programs on the SSD, and then storage on a regular hard drive.

Thank you. Staying in the topic, I would like to ask you opinions about the following configuration. This is only a draft and I haven’t built it yet.
CPU -> i5-4690K € 3.5 GHz € 230
GPU -> Gigabyte GTX750ti 2GB €150
RAM -> Kingston 8GB DDR3 1600 € 70
MoBo -> Asus Mod 1150 H97-Plus € 90
HDD -> 500GB Sata6gb/s € 50
Power Supply -> 600 W Cooler Master € 40
Case -> iTek Case INVADER R03 € 45
TOTAL -> € 675

My suggestions are, if possible go for EVGA GTX750Ti and try to get 16GB Corsair RAM. If you are going to do serious game development then 8 GB is not enough.

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

Before investing in a SSD drive, there are 2 things to consider:
1 - what for?
2 - will I have any performance boost?

The best way to verify before buying an expensive SSD is to use ramdisks to check for any improvement. If, with a ramdisk you have only a very small performance boost, then a SSD will do nothing for you.

What is the difference between the Asus one and the EVGA one? The chipset is the same.
Can you tell me what does a RAM do in a system? I know that a GPU does the graphic stuff, the CPU calculates etc… But what a RAM do? Sorry for my poor knowledges…
Dealing with the GPU → can I go with a R9 280? It has the same price of the above GPU and more performance (according to gpuboss).
Thank you :slight_smile:


files should be on SSD.

Why that/which ones? → with files I mean UE4 projects that I hardly use, pictures,… :slight_smile:

Can I use a R9 GPU? It costs €50 more than the gtx750ti but it’s more performant (according to gpuboss).

I run two Samsung 840 EVO SSD in my machine. I wouldn’t dream of having a traditional hard drive anymore. Plus it is supplemented by cloud storage for work or backing up anything important.

OH I just noticed you’re trying to do a budget build. Skip the SSD and improve something else like the memory (as someone suggested 16gb is an important minimum for programs in game development). You can get a lot more out of things financially by going for a cheaper hard drive and picking up an SSD at a later time especially since the cost of storage has always dropped in a much better fashion than other hardware components.