ssd died lost my projects feeling confused as hell

Ok guys so my ssd is relatively new but i noticed yesterday that it was running at 100 percent read and write . so i did a quick virus scan and reset the pc . And guess what it did not boot back up so i installed windows on another hdd and tried to recover the files from the ssd .To no avail Meaning i lost everything i wanted quick access to including my projects which i had not backed up (IDIOT) … Long story short i found myself with a blank unreal engine and decided to start a project with as little help as possible and in lies the problem. It turns out i know very little and my assumed knowledge was simply from following tutorial after tutorial . I created a simple project and actually learned a thing or 2 getting the very basics set up with no help .relying totally on what bits i had remembered from the many tutorial i followed .and now im stuck …I have created state machine without blendspaces and i have idle then a second state that is walk . And cannot for the life of me remember how to go about entering that transition i think i could create a variable called walking and change that when the movement buttons are pressed but im sure that is the wrong way to go about it.Im sure i could use get forward movement or forward vector or something like that but my mind is blank and i have no projects for reference .

Sorry i know this is painful to read i am terrible at grammar punctuation etc

in a few days you are likely to believe that this was a good thing to happen. People always do that, when they have no choice anyways.
the things you forgot seem to me as if they were not essential to your idea of the game, but steps u had to take. might be reading too much into it, but if you are not comfortable learning it again, doing it again, even 3 times, maybe the whole approach was questionable. it reads like u just added pieces to a puzzle no matter the result; adding tutorial a, b and c and have “something”.

Take your ssd to a good electronics place or a computer repair shop. I had an hdd die on me but when I researched it I found out that it was only the power unit on the hard drive that was broken. So I could buy a cheap bit of electronics that I could connect the drive on instead and retrieve the data that was still there. It would be worth looking into. Presumably the data might still be on the silicon.
(also agree with the other guy, if you are starting to learn then doing it again will only help you :slight_smile: )

this teaches about state machines etc. should help you understand them a bit more

Hi guys i actually fixed the ssd it was a faulty power connection on my old psu causing intermittent power drops and spikes .I changed my psu with a new one and formatted the ssd since everything was corrupt . I did train as an it technician although that was many years ago and 90 percent of of my knowledge is now redundant lol .But anyway thanks for the help guys .I have built my third person player and am currently making very basic animations on a placeholder model to build my state machines with … Thanks a bunch pepes

I throw my Projects on Google Drive, a separate Drive and Microsoft One Drive. Yes I am that paranoid. Now I can see why. As for starting out new. Yeah I finally created my fist blueprint by myself. It’s gonna take years to learn. The hardest part is knowing what way to talk to the script. I’m constantly seeing new commands. Sometimes I will take a couple days off just to think about how I’m going to approach the problem. Seems to help.

LOL I have it backed up on google drive, mediafire, 3 hard drives and drop box… if you are paranoid I must be ocd to the max ROFL

Paranoid would mean encrypting all the Cloud backups too, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep backups in Pc, external hd, a pen drive, my Phone’s SSD, drop box and a source control server.
Also some stuff on Github

Doubly so.

The better way is to backup using git/svn and host it online on private repository of course!

Honestly, Online and Private doesn’t exist anymore, except in marketing speak.
Hardly a day goes by without some admin mis-configuring a server somewhere.
It also assumes that zero-days / brute force hacks, have become extinct etc.
You’re better off accepting the inevitable, if it can be hacked or leaked it will…
Plus connectivity downtime: with no one regulating IoT expect lots more DDOS.

Private repository can be hosted on established hubs like github or also bitbucket (basically free for small group). Using established servers like these are much better.

Established Services + Admins are eating humble pie every day. Meanwhile in today’s news: