SSD and loosing space on my C drive (win10)


I have question about loss of HD space on my SSD on windows 10. So I been looking arround to see whats going on and I have discoverd that on my c drive

I have some old stuff / folders 4.18 - 4.24 and also Common folder =

Can I delete this stuff / content??? or is this somehing I shouldn’t stuff? not sure what to right now. Thanks for info/help.

Ps I already did some windows system cleanups as well.



it´s probably microsoft with hjs f… updates…

Google derived data cache, it is part of these folders. There are also logs. So you can delete some of these files but 19GB is not really a lot for these folders. It depends on the content you use from the market and inside your project. If you no longer use a certain UE version then you could delete the folder, but in this case it is probably better to properly deinstall the version from the launcher.

If you’ve been using UE for a while (multiple engine versions / upgrades), there may be multiple DDC folders. So you need to search the entire SSD, or use a disk space util. Deleting the DDC will cause it to be re-created which might free up some gigs. However, it will need to be recreated the very next time you start UE, and that can take ages on large projects, meaning your rig useless for an hour or two or more. Epic never uninstall old Launcher versions either, and along with old zombie engine installs, they eat precious disk space. Also the Launcher is as dumb as a brick, and duplicates everything without asking. So that’s half your SSD gone right there! Basically its better to just use an external drive for marketplace assets if you can.:wink: And as for Microsoft updates? Its better to just airgap your rig. :mad:

i looked into the link,thanks!
i´m using W10 privacy but somehow they managed to come trough:confused:

Thanks, but whats gonna happen if I deinstall the version from the launcher.? Do you mean all my marketplace assets that are in my vault. It doesn’t seem easy. So if I every start on new pc, I should put all my bought content on a external drive?

Hi, thanks, Doesn’t seem easy… So If I bought a new PC and start from the begining I should put all my markerplace stuff on external drive? I already have my UE projects on my D drive

Yes basically… SSD’s sizes aren’t generous enough to hold TB’s of Marketplace assets. So you’re better off sticking all that on massive cheap external HDD’s (10-12 TB can be found for 100-200 USD). In the event of drive failure, all of it can be downloaded again from the marketplace anyway, just 2FA your account in case of hacks and never reuse passwords / emails if possible… Overall, its better to have a separate dedicated email for the MP anyway versus using a gamer account.

Hi, But if i look at my Vault I can’t even delete certain marketplace assets. So what are the steps I could take to clean up some space on my SSD?
Do i need re-install my UnrealEpic_Launcher? and start over again? And If so… I should install marketplace assets on external HDD?

Reinstalling the Launcher won’t magically fix anything. You can of course try purging / deleting the Launcher folder first before re-install, as that might recover some space from old installs. But not a lot compared with moving VaultCache content. Plus as you’ve hinted at, you can’t delete Launcher content anyway without using Windows Explorer… See the post here