SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Integration into and out of UE

Anyone here experimenting with SRT in their projects? I have been using it since the beginning of the year for more traditional styles of live broadcasting virtual events. I have seen a tremendous quality improvement with the video feeds and would love to use it in UE.

My use case:
I have a vMix Production server running on AWS that can send and receive SRT. Until now I have been using a video transporter that converts NDI signals to SRT but I would LOVE to be able to implement SRT in my projects inside of my virtual environments for use in real-time broadcasting. I would love to know if anyone else is using SRT and what is your broad workflow with SRT and Unreal?

Also, I would love to know if there are any plans in the Unreal Dev pipeline to work with SRT natively?

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I’m trying to, no luck yet, but I haven’t been trying for long.
I know there are people here using it, so it is possible. the real question is “how?”

At the moment I understood that it is not possible to receive SRT natively, so the option is to retransmit via another Vmix with NDI outputs, another option is to use FFmpeg as follows
for example
ffmpeg -re -i srt: //your.UnrealEngineMachine.ip: 9001? mode = caller -c copy -f flv rtmp: // localhost: 19350 / live / home

and get the stream at rtmp: // localhost: 19350 / live / home


Thank you so much! I will look into your solution, but it seems legit

hi - we have integrated SRT into our live-streaming toolkit so you can now live-stream SRT direct out from Unreal: How to live-stream direct from Unreal Engine via SRT