sRGB and UMG and Mobile issues

It would be great if in the future, we could get some sort of ‘mobile’ preview for UMG editor. If anyone has messed with UMG and iOS before, you by now have realized, that the colors as you see them in the editor use the sRBG values, where as on the actual device they will show RGB. This isn’t a huge deal, but it would make things easier when experimenting with colors if I could just see how they are in the editor. Just a small request!
(they do show correctly in mobile preview, but that just adds to the workflow! I figured the new feature level preview might at least make it viewable in the play in editor but alas doesn’t show things as RGB there either)

I have the same problem.

The es2 preview mode doesn’t appear to apply to umg on this aspect, so I still can’t even use simulator. Even if you turn off srgb in picker it still shows as sRGB on widget… Frustrating for getting colors right.

I swear they fixed this in 4.6 (or was it 4.5.1)? I posted on AnswerHub about this and managed to find a fix myself. All you need to do is change a USF shader file like this:

Pedro, thats correct, unfortunately, in editor (even with es2 preview on) it still shows as SRGB unless I do mobile preview. I would prefer not to for easy testing. And it would be even better if in the editor itself I could see it as RBG instead of SRGB.

But looking at your solution, I tried just removing that code all together, the result is the enter editor is now just RGB. Which makes it alot darker, BUT, I can design for mobile easily now. (yay!)