Sr. Unreal Software Engineer (Contract)

[CONTRACT/PAID] [FONT=Calibri Light][COLOR=black]Sr. Unreal Software Engineer (Remote)[/COLOR]

Project Title:

[FONT=Segoe UI]The Famous Group has received an Epic MegaGrant and is seeking a Sr. Unreal Engineer (Remote) to develop Unreal experiences for our live interactive fan platform (Vixi). If you enjoy the challenge of leading complex technical projects and delivering iterative solutions that provide value each step of the way, this is the perfect role for you! This person will work directly with project managers and our development team.

[FONT=Segoe UI]Requirements

  • [FONT=Segoe UI]4+ years of professional development experience
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Fluent with C++ and object-oriented programming principles
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Shipped at least 1 title with Unreal
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Excellent understanding of multiplayer systems, camera systems and character controls
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Experience with Unreal Blueprints or similar scripting systems
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Experience with source control, git and branching strategies
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Experience with Continuous Integration (CI), build systems for Unreal/3d software and rendering pipelines
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Experience building UIs with Slate UI, UMG
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Shading Languages a plus (HLSL, etc)
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Familiar with Scrum/Agile process

[FONT=Segoe UI]Responsibilities

  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Collaborate with engineers, artists and designers to develop new features for aspects of the experience, including UI, gameplay, network, backend
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Building world class live fan and gaming experiences by tuning existing mechanics
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Conversion from script/blueprint prototype code to C++
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Help maintain the live experiences and debug and deploy fixes and enhancements
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Own design software development workflows and systems

Company Name:
The Famous Group