Sr. Unreal Engine 4 Developer - AAA scope Xbox One and PC title - Overstep

[PAID] Sr. Unreal Engine 4 Developer

Project Title:

Overstep is a next generation first person shooter in development, that will be free to play on Xbox One and PC.
We have signed contracts with Microsoft, for software and hardware support via development kits and marketing, but also servers for source control.
Here is a public illustrated version of the GDD, the game design mechanics are up for re-iteration:

Multiplayer only, competitive shooter.
Environmental changes, including temperature and gravity.
Scavenging. Player characters are robots.

Team Name:
Gamecan OÜ

Team Structure:
30 people in the team, 5 in Estonia, 25 remote, C-Level includes: CEO, CEP, CMO.

Job Description:


  • Working with designers and other team members to create high quality features
  • Improving the efficiency of the technical staff where possible
  • Help to peer-review code and keep the overall code quality level high
  • Writing C++ code at a professional level in a modern engine
  • Implement, test, debug, and maintain engine and gameplay code for UE4
  • Develop the main project Overstep (FPS) with a vision for the future
  • Estimate and manage your schedules and tasks efficiently


  • A minimum of 3-5 years of software development experience in the games industry
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or similar discipline
  • Advanced C++ programming skills
  • Advanced 3D Math, Trig, and Linear Algebra skills.
  • Familiar with modern practices of object oriented programming and processes
  • Highly self-motivated and eager to learn new systems and skills
  • Good communication skills and positive team member
  • Experience with UE3 and/or UE4


  • Work experience with Xbox consoles
  • Experience optimizing C++ code for performance
  • Blueprint prototyping
  • Familiarity with Visual Studio

Gamecan is an independent developer located in Estonia, one of the most tech advanced countries in Europe. With insane internet speeds and mindblowingly low living costs, this is the place developers want to live. We believe our company culture is what’s kept us so passionate, and we are looking for people that don’t think too traditionally. We want the people who understand that nothing is impossible. If you’re that person, let us know and we’ll have a Skype call to see if we’re a fit.

NB! This current employment opportunity is a contract based position which may become eligible for full-time status if certain performance metrics are met. We accept remote work, but prefer team members moving to Estonia for at least 3 months.
To get an idea of the project: Login • Instagram


Skype: martenpalu