Sr. Programmer Needed for Kickstarted FPS Title

NOTE: We’re looking to make a decision within the week, so please reach out ASAP in this thread, in a PM, or via email and include your portfolio/resume, your email address, and an IM contact method (e.g. Skype, Hangouts, etc.).

Midair is an extremely fast paced first-person shooter for the PC inspired by games like Tribes and Legions. The game features high-flying freedom of movement, physics-based weaponry, and player choice. Fans of FPS-Z games will feel right at home, while players new to the genre will experience a challenge that breaks the mold of traditional mass-produced shooters. We were Greenlit by the community in under 7 days and were Kickstarted in June. For images, videos, and more, check below the job posting.

We’re looking for a Sr. level programmer with plenty of experience in UE4 to join the team and work on a variety of tasks/features including: Art integration, matchmaking, in-game statistics, gameplay, and more. Candidates should be comfortable working with C++ and blueprints. We’re a distributed team, so it is assumed you will be working remotely.

Thank you!
Chris & The Midair Team

(The below taken from this art dump)

Kickstarter Video


Heavy Armor Jetpack

Base Assets


Vehicle Concept


Midair In Action
Here are some cool videos of a play-by-play casted game.

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