Squirrel Tree climbing

Hello World,

Okay, so here is a challenge; I have a squirrel, and I want the player to be able to climb up trees and move along / jump from tree limb to limb, but I don’t know how to even begin implementing something like that…besides making the actual animations of course.

Any suggestions…

It depends on how realistic you want this to be. For most parts the regular character movement component might be good enough. Other than that, you can shoot some rays to determine the world around your pawn, and with some math you will be able to figure out which movement should be used thus everything can be done without character movement component, since that is generally useful for ground and horizontal walking only.

Hmm, okay that sounds interesting, and fun! So basically, I can use a ray to determine distance around the squirrel, and maybe even the angle of the tree or limb as he moves? Based on the returned data I simply implement the desired animation?

I know this was done in Assassins creed 3. I wonder how they might of handled it? Either way I will do some testing to see what works best. Like you said, the regular character movement component may work, and that would be nice.

You can prototype this without animations, as it will generally require you to move the capsule to certain directions. Only after that you will make this look cool with the well setup animbp :slight_smile:

If you go with the character movement component, set it to flying mode so you can have more freedom regarding where to move the capsule. You can also enable the rendering the capsule in game mode (uncheck the hidden in game) that helps you to see what is going on. Since the Z axis movement (climb up the tree) only required when you actually want the squirrel to go up, you can enable this flying mode upon requirement only, so you can switch back to walk mode and have Jump feature and others.

With lots of work, obviously :slight_smile:

This image should help you to setup the move up feature with a tpp character:

Okay, so I will look into the above methods and try and work it out. Thank you for the screenshot, that is a big help. I will let you know how it goes.