SQUIDS FROM SPACE - Top-down, team-based, shooter between humans and Squids!

Who are we?
Fun Bits interactive is a small indie team (of 10) based in Seattle, WA.

What have we done?
We are known for games such as Fat Princess, Fat Princess Adventures, and Escape Plan on PS3/PS4

What are we up to?
We’ve recently declared ourselves as an independent game company and are planning to launch our first indie title called SQUIDS FROM SPACE on Steam Early Access!

It is an online, 8v8, top-down, team-based, action shooter between humans and Squids. It is set in the 1950’s and heavily influenced by Mars Attacks!, any retro sci-fi B-Movie ever made, and a spiritual successor to Fat Princess.

What’s it look like?
Glad you asked! Here’s our teaser trailer:

We plan to launch on Steam as an Early Access title in the next couple weeks. The game is certainly not polished, but the core mechanics are in, and with many many MANY more features have been planned. However, the game is definitely not without it’s bugs (what game isn’t?). We plan to involve the gaming community in helping us development this game via an in-game voting system for helping us choose what maps, modes, and customizations should be added into the game.

How can I get my hands on the game right now?!
We currently have a Closed Alpha going on. If you’re interested in playing the game, we have a mailing list you can sign up with for a chance to receive a FREE Steam key at The steam keys are permanent and yours to keep forever.

ATTENTION If you happen to be a Twitch streamer, I’ve got a handful of keys with your name on it ready to go for you and your viewers.

Can I be apart of the SQUIDS FROM SPACE Community where I can find other players also playing the game? I don’t want to be lonely anymore…
Sure! We’ve started a Discord Channel where you can meet up with other players who have checked out that game and are keeping tabs on our development. We welcome you!

I like Squids… Calamari is great!
See… this is why humans can’t have nice things…prepare for our invasion.

This looks brilliant! You’ve found a supporter in me.